Yainis Burgos

Data-Driven Perfo​rmance Marketer &

Creator of T​he Faithful Hustle

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About Me

I am an experienced performance marketer and ​first-generation Latina, who blends traditional and ​digital marketing strategies to drive business impact. ​Recognized as a people alchemist, I excel in unlocking ​synergies between individuals, teams, and ideas, ​fostering diversity and energy for the most effective ​solutions.

I'm passionate about giving back, actively serve my ​local community, international causes, and dedicating ​time to mentoring early career professionals.

Work Experience & Education

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Master of Business Administration

Global Business Management





Gl​obal Marketing Manager


Drive global marketing campaigns across key priorities to scale impact, ​efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization overall. Develop, ​manage, and execute key global campaigns utilizing a multi-million dollar ​budget.

Founder, Consulting & Digital products

The Faithful Hustle

Consult with small businesses on the design, development and execution ​of marketing campaigns and programs in order to create a strong brand ​presence and increase traffic and sales.

Marketing Manager


Spearheaded impactful marketing campaigns through global ​collaborative partnerships, employing strategic planning, production, and ​optimization of a multi-million dollar digital media budget to achieve ​unprecedented business outcomes.

Marketing Manager

Lennar homes

Managed the digital campaign strategy and agency partnership for the ​Tampa division while working with XFN partners and national Marketing & ​Sales leadership to ensure all KPI goals were being met.

Skills & Proficiencies


Brand Development

Campaign Strategy


Digital Advertising

Agency Management

Website Strategy

Growth Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Email Marketing

Strategic Planning

Insights & Reporting

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Blueprint Digital Marketing


SOftware & Tools

Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, ​Tableau, Ad Manager

Sprinklr, Khoros, EveryoneSocial

Brand Strat​egy

The Faithful Hustle


Through The Faithful Hustle, I inform go-to-market strategies for ​new businesses to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and build ​a sales funnel. This includes brand strategy, google/yelp business, ​website, social media and paid advertising. Working with Adora ​Salon I was responsible for

  • GTM strategy - a comprehensive plan businesses use to bring ​a new product or service to market

  • Target market profiles, marketing plans, and a sales strategy ​inclusive of pricing and sales generation tactics

  • Strategy for signage, websites, booking sites, web ma​pping platforms, business pages and Meta family of apps​, and T​ikTok
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Brand Strategy

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I was responsible for building and maintaining the ​online brand and image of Lennar Tampa and its ​subsidiary. In order to excel in my role, I managed ​agency relationships and led innovative pro​jects such as photoshoots, virtual renderings, 3-D Ma​tterports and self-guided tours o​n​ Lennar.com.

During the Lennar.com rebrand I led ou​r team in the creation and publication of 78 Matterpor​ts in under 3 weeks. In preparation for the launch of t​he new Lennar website, the team I led received nationa​l recognition for quick execution, handling of resource​s, quality of branded material, and efficie​ncies for 83+ communities from our execut​ive leaders.

Social Media - Paid


I led the paid social media strategy for North America and played ​a leadership role on global projects like the Tech Talent Brand.

My goal in executing the Go To Market Plans for projects like Tech ​Comms was to expand the reach and effectiveness of Tech ​Comm publications to key tech audiences by:

  • Connecting and enhancing the user experience flow across ​Tech Comms and Attract owned digital platforms and social ​channels

  • Amplifying reach with paid ads on Life at Meta and Meta ​owned social channels

  • Enabling employee advocacy to humanize big moments, like ​Ray Bans stories, by sharing the people behind the technology ​and how Meta employees are changing the world
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Social Media


I led the organic & paid social media strategy for Lennar, its ​affiliate developments, and individual community brands.

I managed partnerships and a team of marketers to develop a ​diverse and engaging content strategy inclusive of video, motion ​graphics, and still images. My goal was to drive sales and foot ​traffic by:

  • Investing in targeted social media ads to reach a specific ​audience based on demographics, interests, and location

  • Encouraging people to visit your community or development ​by running contests or giveaways on social media platforms

  • Regularly analyzing the performance of social media ​campaigns using analytics tools

Paid Med​ia (PPC)


I created marketing strategies that put the Meta Career brand ​in front of our target audiences, and met audiences where they ​were, in an engaging and effective way that converted ​prospects and passive talent into applicants.

This focus led to a desire to drive unprecedented lead ​generation, our measure for success, at scale through strategic ​multi-channel campaigns and a diversity first approach. With ​the help of our agency, where I served as the lead relationship ​point of contact, we used a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy and ​exceeded our benchmark CTR goal of 5%.

The accelerate eng paid search campaign I led generated an ad ​copy click through rate (CTR) of 12.05% for all ads, which ​surpassed the overall benchmark goal of 5%. This translates to ​a high volume lift of traffic directly to high priority landing​ pages. This resulted in 5,291 leads for the North American region ​in under 6 months.

Paid Media (P​PC)


With the aim of optimizing our advertising cost per lead and enhancing market trend adaptability, I undertook the implementation of targeted modifications to our online verbiage and call-to-action (CTA) elements within our lead nurture and advertising platforms. By applying industry-leading pay-per-click (PPC) best practices and strategies, we sought to achieve more efficient and effective outcomes.

In under 12 months, we were able to drive down our overall digital ad spend by 52% with an overall online lead increase of 46%. This drove our cost per lead down by 67% from $64.75 to $21.36.

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Editorials & Blogs


I led the 2022 Recruitment Marketing strategy for Technical Project Managers (TPMs) to attract talent and create an overall awareness into the role.

To do this, we told the stories of their unique work, while navigating the complexities of creating a strategy that would land in front of diverse technical talent.

In 2022 I partnered with Power To Fly and Global Diversity, to publish an editorial that received over 5K impressions and 3.2K unique pageviews within 30 days, making it the top performing editorial globally out of the 5 published articles in 2022. Overall the editorial performed 419% better in PowerToFly’s social impressions and 102% better in pageviews than the second best performing editorial 'Inclusion in the Metaverse' with one application submission by its 30 day mark. My strategy was focusing on Emily’s diverse work and educational background which resonated with aspiring tech audiences. This was done in a true diversity first approach which was received extremely well by our audience.

Editorials & Blogs


Reporting to the Director of Marketing, I maintained relationships ​with journalists, editors, and other media professionals to ​enhance the company's media outreach. I played a crucial role in ​shaping the company's external image and communication ​through the following:

  • Media planning and strategy

  • Relationship building

  • Media monitoring

  • Budget management

  • Coordination with marketing campaigns

  • Community engagement

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Programming & Even​ts


I founded and led impactful programs with a focus ​and emphasis community support, diversity & ​inclusion, and military veterans.

  • I was the co-founder of the Make Your Move ​programming that aimed to educate millennials ​on the homebuying process and the resources ​Tampa Bay provides to first time home owners.

  • I was the team lead for various Focused Acts of ​Caring programs and events such as Operation ​Finally Home where each division gifted a new ​home to a wounded veteran in the community.

  • I served as the National Chair of Inclusive Culture ​on the Lennar Everone's Included Board for their ​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts.


Analytical, collaborative, influential, strategic, and empathetic -- Yainis actively demonstrated her strengths every day through the impact of her work and how she did it. Yainis leaves no stone unturned and is extremely data-driven while showing care for her fellow colleagues. She was results-oriented, insights-driven, and always had a valuable perspective to offer that made the work better. Yainis worked on complex projects focused on amplifying the tech recruiting brand and each time she developed and executed winning precision-based recruitment marketing strategies. Yainis made our team better through her innovative and refreshing approaches. Any company would be lucky to have her join.

Judy Phung, RM Lead for North America

I worked with Yainis Burgos for several years at Lennar Homes and saw the continuous growth from Coordinator to a leadership management position. Yainis' communication skills have always been quite impressive. She's proven very efficient at getting things done quickly, and is thoughtful and strategic about every project she's worked on. Throughout her marketing career, she has continued to demonstrate her excellent leadership skills and team building abilities. She's a strong communicator who excels at managing multiple priorities at once while keeping it all together efficiently. She's was an invaluable asset to our team and continues to set the bar higher and higher with each role she has pursued.

Arcadia Solesky, Director of Marketing


“Thanks Yainis Burgos for moving fast and staying organized to centralize tracking methods across the team so there is no duplication of work, increased transparency, and alignment on what and how campaigns are being tracked” - Alyssa Chen, Marketing Operations Meta

Thank you so much, Yainis, for reviewing the Blueprint Practice Exam items and mapping them to the relevant courses. Your work ​as a subject matter expert to make sure practice test and exam items are aligned with content updates and product changes is ​critical in the exam development and maintenance process. Your work contributed to the development of fair, valid, and reliable ​practice tests and exams for the Digital Marketing Associate track. The Blueprint team is very thankful for your time and ​contribution! - Debbie Slutzky, Meta Blueprint Team

"Yai, this thanks is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure that I give you your flowers for being one of the BEST #xfn partners I've worked with. Not only did you put your all into the TPM editorial with PowerToFly (which has the most views at 2,000+ of the past four editorials) but you saw an opportunity to uplevel the Attract team on partner-created editorials and took it. I am so grateful for your leadership there. It was the motivation I needed to create the diversity partner editorial playbook for my ops re-org workstream, which will make it so much easier for members of Attract to activate partner editorials. That's how influential you are. IMPACT: Yainis's TPM editorial has the highest number of pageviews (3,243) and unique pageviews (2,784) of all Meta PowerToFly editorials this year. Note: Meta's PowerToFly editorials average around 1,500 pageviews." - Jazmyn Williams, Global Diversity Team Meta

Impact Outside of Work

Networking event Founder for diverse women business owners

Special Causes - Media Chair for St.Jude Gala

Community speaker & Advocate

Leadership development - Tampa Chamber Emerging Leaders Protege

Helping Small Businesses - Meta BluePRINT SME

What Makes Me Happy

outdoor adventures

Traveling the world

Family & Values

Friendship & Culture